Contact lenses are the preferred primary vision correction option for many of our patients. It is commonly assumed contacts can be purchased from any available source and put on without first visiting the optometrist. The truth is that this could result in discomfort and injury to your eyes if your lenses are not accurately prescribed and properly fitted. Contact lenses require a prescription because they are medical devices. You should treat them with the same caution and care as any other medicine.

If you are interested in wearing contacts or are a current contact lens wearer, you should understand the difference between a routine annual eye examination and an exam meant specifically to fit you with safe, reliable contacts. During a routine exam, the doctor will check for overall eye health and may write a prescription for glasses without the need for much follow-up. Contacts are different because they rest right on the eye, They can affect the eye’s shape and comfort if they aren't fitted properly. If they don't work right, the lenses could cause abrasion of the eye's surface and create painful ulcers.

Because of these special considerations, anyone wishing to use contact lenses must have an annual contact lens examination in addition to his or her comprehensive vision screening to renew the prescription. The additional fee for this exam is often discounted by most insurance plans. Both Dr. Pelini and Dr. Meyer have specialized training in prescribing contact lens solutions for even the most difficult-to-fit contact lens wearer. Whether you prefer the feeling of a fresh pair of contacts every day, or need special rigid lenses as part of your keratoconus treatment, we can meet your contact lens needs.

For first-time contact lens wearers, we offer a contact lens Insertion and Removal training class to ensure that you understand how to properly insert and remove contact lenses, how best to clean and store your contacts, and what to look for in case you develop complications. Optician-guided training courses usually last sixty minutes, during which you must demonstrate that you can successfully insert and remove the contact lenses without assistance. Occasionally a second visit is required. We recommend that first-time wearers take these steps to prepare for their training class:

  • Trim fingernails short to prevent scratches to the eye and assist in ease of handling the lenses.
  • Arrive with eyes free of makeup.
  • Get a good night’s sleep so you are rested.
  • Eat a healthy snack beforehand so your blood sugar is stable.
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