As with anything else, eyeglasses sometimes need adjustments and repairs. No matter where you purchased your eyewear, our staff is happy to assist you. Appointments are not necessary for eyewear maintenance, and our trained opticians can often complete the service while you wait.

For patrons who purchased their eyewear from Pelini Eyecare

Adjustments, minor repairs, and nosepad or screw replacements are complimentary. More extensive repairs or replacement of lost or broken parts may incur a fee that we will discuss before beginning the repair. We will always explore manufacturer warranty options before charging for our services.

For patrons who purchased their eyewear somewhere other than Pelini Eyecare

We offer adjustments and minor repairs for a small fee. If you need a lost or broken frame part replaced, and we have an account with the vendor, we can often order the part (based on availability).

  • Outside Purchase Service Plan

    If you are looking for a more long-term maintenance solution, we offer a flat-fee service package which covers all standard adjustments and minor repairs for twelve months. This is a great option to guarantee a perfect fit and increase longevity for eyewear purchased online or for college students away from home.

Sometimes we are asked why we charge for adjustments and repairs performed on eyewear not purchased from our office. The answer is that we charge a small fee for our services to cover the cost of repair supplies and to compensate our optical staff so that we may continue to deliver exceptional service to our patrons. Eyewear purchased from our office includes these services in the cost of the order.

Pupillary Distance (PD) Measurements

To properly align the focal point of an eyeglass lens over the pupil, optical manufacturing requires a measurement called the Pupillary Distance (PD). This measurement is taken by the optician during the eyewear selection stage after you have completed your exam with the optometrist. For patrons wishing to purchase eyewear someplace other than our office, we provide the convenience of measuring your PD for a small fee. You can rest assured knowing that your measurement was correctly taken by a trained optician.

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